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Last updated 17th April 2017
New Developments at allertonOak
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Issue 2017/2 (17th April 2017)
There are significant updates and extensions to
Toxteth and The Town Centre. A number of other pages have had more minor updates.

There is a new and more extended walk for
Liverpool Town Centre and Museum Area.

Part of the
Lost Rivers of Liverpool feature has been considerably extended.
Issue 2017/1 (3rd January 2017)
I have moved allertonOak to a new web hosting service provider; there were some initial glitches but all seems OK now.

There are now seven greatly expanded new-style pages identified by an asterisk (*) on merseySights:
The Commercial Quarter, The Museum Area, The Town Centre, The Georgian Quarter, Toxteth, Wavertree and Allerton.

There are now five new-style walks identified by an asterisk (*) on merseyWalks:
The South Liverpool Green Wedge, Mossley Hill and Sefton Park, The Pier Head to Otterspool, Liverpool Commercial Quarter and Liverpool Cathedrals and Georgian Quarter.

Issue 2016/2 (31st March 2016)
There are two new special features:
Old Liverpool Churches and Old Churches near Liverpool. Below is information about a gradual change of style and organisation that I hope will make the site more usable and interesting.

I am gradually updating the style of the merseySights pages to try and avoid duplication with the increasing number of special feature articles and provide more structure to the material. There will now be links to the relevant articles where possible instead of text and photos. There are currently four new-style pages identified by an asterisk (*) on merseySights.

I have also started to update the style and content of the walk descriptions. To make the walks more suitable for printing or accessing by mobile phone, I am adding more background information to the text but disabling the click-on-the-photo function. For desktop, laptop or tablet use, links to other parts of allertonOak are now included in the main text. There are currently two new-style walks identified by an asterisk (*) on merseyWalks.

This has gone. Many of the engravings appear in special features and more will follow.

Issue 2016/1 (29th February 2016)
There are major new special features on the
The Allerton Oak and Old Roads and Villages of Liverpool.
The relevant notes have been updated in accordance with the new special features.